We're creating Worker-owned mutual aid network of Black women creatives

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About Us

National Black Women’s Creative Cooperative is a worker-owned limited liability cooperative and mutual aid network of Black women creatives. Our mission is to liberate Black Women from oppressive and toxic work environments, generate wealth owned and stewarded by and for us toward a goal of political and financial freedom.

Why You Should Join Us

It’s Time

“We have given the world work, hard back-breaking labor, and the world let Black John Henry (insert Black Women) break his heart to beat the machine. It is now our business to give the world an example of intelligent cooperation so that when the new industrial commonwealth comes. We can go into it as an experience people not again to be left outside as mere beggars…We become pioneer servants of the common good.”

Du Bois, 1933

We’re Building

We are building a worker-owned National Black Women’s Creative Cooperative that will be a mutual aid network of Black women creatives who support one another to work within organizations throughout the creative sector and independently. Finding environments that are supportive and prioritize retaining Black women’s leadership is rare. We will remove the barriers that often keep Black women creatives in oppressive and toxic work environments and support our tiny creative businesses to thrive!

A Big Thanks

We are so thankful to our amazing initial sponsors who have helped us get The National Black Women’s Creative Cooperative off the Ground and up and running. Our founding sponsors include JustWorks, Orca Intelligence, Lydia Edwards Esq. of Jason Wiener PC, Unlock Creative, Violet Heads, and Alternate ROOTS. 

And a very special thanks to our Board of Directors Zenobia Lockhart, Sola Bamis, and Varsey Laurelle. 

Additional thanks to our resident accountants Donna Carter & Carter Financial Services.